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Craig Clemens

August 23, 2019

Brand New Music

Jay Som | Anak Ko
Polished and refind, Jay Som has been living under the radar. Call it “chillwave” or “dream pop” whatever it is, this album has enough variety to make any genre specifications completely moot. Seemlessly transitioning from track to track, from one tender track to another, within 35 minutes listeners are drawn in without overstaying her welcome.

Taylor Swift | Lover
Every Taylor Swift album is an event, a cultural touchstone that defines pop music for that time. Lover is no different. Reestablishing herself as the best songwriter at her echelon of the pop stratosphere, Swift’s seventh album feels like a resurrection of the Taylor Swift we knew of old: moody, romantic, and full of earworms.

Sheer Mag | A Distant Call
The modern glam rockers, Sheer Mag, continue their political message with a vengeance on their sophomore record. A completely honest narrative follows the lead singer Tina Halladay’s struggles with getting laid off from her job, a terrible breakup, an abusive father, all while dealing with an oppressive 24-hour news cycle. Sheer Mag makes these problems, all of our problems, on full display with A Distant Call and rages against this machine with constant vigor.

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