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Craig Clemens

August 17, 2018

Brand New Music

Mitski | Be The Cowboy
By far Mitski’s the most interesting and eclectic album to date, there’s a certain sense of growth from this bolder, more ambitious and experimental approach. Be The Cowboy showcases 14 tracks that, along with producer Patrick Hyland, takes the road less traveled over and over again. Chocked full of musical grander and theatrics as well as beautiful abstraction, Mitski seizes control of her image and takes her songwriting to the next level even as she continues to explore the deep dark parts of her soul lyrically. Be The Cowboy is short, but you’ll feel every single moment, and it may be a contender for the best indie record of the year.

Ariana Grande | Sweetener
As superstar laden, modern, branded, blockbuster albums go, this one is pretty good. A trying reflection of Grande’s growing self-awareness she attempts to “make the weirdest thing we can.” I’m sure they could have gone a little farther into the deep end if they really tried, but this collection of pop tunes is still delightful and at times really fun.

Oh Sees | Smote Reverser
Another high class creative album from a group that continues their musical journey, Smote Reverser feels like the culmination of all of the experimentation that the group has produced over the past few years. Somehow the weirder Oh Sees go, the more awesome they get. This band is a well oiled machine.

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