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Craig Clemens

April 06, 2018

Kali Uchis | Isolation
With a full 15 tracks, it would stand to reason that there might be a little bit of filler, but her consistency for a full 46-minutes is impressive. For her entire career to this point Kali Uchis has been arguably one of the most underrated voices around, but with Isolation Uchis may have finally released her breakout. Like Outkast or Beck, Uchis has never been mainstream and she deftly keeps her strong aesthetic as one of pop’s remaining ‘weirdos’. Her debut may be the start of a long and legendary career.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra | Sex & Food
Ruben Neilson has, at least for the past couple years, been at the nadir of modern psychedelia – hell, the top of rock in general. It’s hard to name another artist that, album after album, has been this consistently creative within the genre. Add a healthy dose of beautiful, thoughtful, melodic ideas and insane psychedelic earworms and you’ve got a record that is absolutely stuffed with ideas and effortlessly shifting tone. Sex & Food is yet another great and powerful notch in the belt of great records for UMO.

Wye Oak | The Louder I Call, the Faster It Runs
An impressive and casually overwhelming LP, ..the Faster It Runs never actually seems to overstay it’s welcome. This album is a potent testament to Wye Oak’s ambition and their forward movement as a group. It’s difficult not to fully engross yourself in what they’re producing at this point. Wye Oak has gracefully ridden the crest of their own personal change and with this confidence executed a particular mood that generates presence. Dazzling and vibrant, Wye Oak remain curiously under-heard. Will their sixth LP change that? That’s still up in the air. What is not in question is those who pay attention remain one of a lucky few.

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