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Craig Clemens

April 05, 2019

Brand New Music

Weyes Blood | Titanic Rising
Edging her sound away from her particular brand of psych-folk and ever closer to the sound of traditional pop music. She’s used her talents for meticulously detailed production to create fantastic songs, plumbed the depths of her imagination for a masterpiece achieves a perfectly balanced synthesis between the old and new, familiar and unexplored.

The Drums | Brutalism.
You’re equally likely to hear this album at the beach, at a nightclub, or holed up in your own bedroom. Amazingly listenable Brutalism is gorgeous album that provides both joyous peaks and hearbreaking lows.

W. H. Lung | Incidental Music
Not exactly a bitesized album, listening to this album should be treated as a solid investment in time more than something to do in passing. Once you’re in, you’re in and there’s really no escape hatch to bring you out of it. Dark synths give way to minimalist guitar and eerie, poetic lyrics that hing at psycosis. This is a stunning work that’s more inventive than it sounds at first blush.

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PUP | Morbid Stuff

Khalid | Free Spirit

Circa Waves | What’s It Like Over There