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Craig Clemens

April 01, 2016

On This Day…

2009 – Icelandic singer/songwriter Björk announced that she not only was a Led Zeppelin superfan, but would be joining the group on a world tour as their lead singer in place of Robert Plant who was too busy with his collaborations with Alison Krauss. Scheduled to begin in June 2009 the band would reportedly only play songs from Led Zeppelin’s albums “I” and “IV”

2009 – Coldplay’s official website announced that they’d be recording the first ever LP recorded in zero-gravity. By boarding a modified Boeing 727 aircraft wearing self-designed protective outfits, the band would work with long-time collaborator Brian Eno, who was going to record the sessions on a 1969 analog cassette player. “We’ve been searching for the right environment to record the perfect snare drum sound for many years now… and I’ve just got a gut feeling that zero gravity is the place to do that, y’know?”

2010 – Toronto-based rapper Drake and singer/rapper Nicki Minaj announced their marriage via Twitter, stating: “Please refer to @nickiminaj as Mrs. Aubry Drake Graham and don’t stare at her too long. She’s finally mine :)”

2011 – 90’s teen heartthrobs, Hanson, announced their forthcoming LP consisting entirely of Slipknot covers. “We just felt like we needed to reinvent ourselves as a band a little bit with this kind of a project, Zac Hanson told VH1, with his brother Taylor adding, “Slipknot is kind of an underrated band!” To make the prank a bit more believable, the band shared a video of them covering Slipknot’s “Wait and Bleed” with acoustic guitars inside a hotel room.


Brand New Music

Black Mountain | IV
Not necessarily their most rambunctious LP to date, but it could absolutely be their most profound. Whereas Black Mountain used to hang their hat on melting faces and busting guts the group now seems content in living the margins of subtlety and nuance. They’ve shown a lot of growth here even if they continue to rely on retro sci-fi, stoner rock licks that continue deliver.

Charles Bradley | Changes
Personal, purposeful and at times patriotic, Bradley continues to lure audiences with his unique and powerful voice and, in this case, really leaves them thinking. Deep and soulful, Bradley has done it again with class.

Frankie Cosmos | Next Thing
Considering this album is kinda loaded with a feeling of musical self-doubt and modesty, there remains a certain strength Frankie Cosmos’ silky smooth delivery. She has the uncanny ability to take the most inane and simple concept and turn it into something almost other-worldly. Sitting at a mere 30 minutes in length, Next Thing is a pure and great LP which is smothered in grace and beauty.