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Craig Clemens

April 17, 2020

Brand New Music

Fiona Apple | Fetch the Bolt Cutters

A Pitchfork 10 doesn’t come along that often these days, the last one being Kanye’s Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Two months removed from the 10 year anniversary of this last ‘perfect’ release, I guess we were due. The question is then, is the buzz justified? Absolutely. Melodic, chaotic, urgent, and always playful, there was a lot of expectations from long time Fiona Apple fans waiting for another LP, and she has rewarded their patience with another brutal, intoxicating listen.

Rina Sawayama | SAWAYAMA

Ranging from glittering R&B to raging nu-metal with deft agility, Rina Sawayama presents her first full length album as a thesis on maximalist pop rock. With the slickness of a Charli XCX album SAWAYAMA has placed Rina as one of fastest rising voices in pop.

EOB | Earth

The first sentence about Ed O’Brien always must mention his life’s work with Radiohead – now that we’ve done that, we can acknowledge that his solo work is incredible. Earth, released following his move to Brazil captures a kaleidoscopic range between tender folk rock and dancefloor banger. Gnarly guitar and paranoid skittering beats all come together while O’Brien’s personality shines through.

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