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Craig Clemens

April 13, 2018

Brand New Music

Rival Consoles | Persona
Ryan Lee West (aka Rival Consoles) shows his mastery of mixing analog synths, warped acoustic instruments, and a wide array of effects pedals to create one of the warmest and earnest electronic house records in recent memory. Persona is a giant leap forward for West who, now four albums deep as Rival Consoles, has finally developed a blueprint for how to create his own dreamworld. This is uneasy listening, challenging and complex, but with his heavy rhythms and fragmented melodies, West retains his “arthouse” nature with an album that begs to be re-listened.

Laura Veirs | The Lookout
An amazing ten full length LPs into her incredible career, Laura Veirs remains hypnotic, even trance-inducing, in tying her melodic threads together. Insanely comforting, Veirs imbues a quiet confidence, deftly bring modern forward-thinking ideals out off the classic singer-songwriter tropes. In The Lookout, in these strange and noisy times, we find a campfire, a relaxing group of friends to which we can share a great song.

Confidence Man | Confident Music For Confident People
Could this be the second coming of Right Said Fred? Is that something anybody even really wanted anyway? This Australian duo draws their influence from 70s disco, funk, 80s hip hop, 90s soul and rave… you know, all the good stuff. Confidence Man is a band that pulls on so many strings of gawky dance-pop that it’s almost impossible to ignore.

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