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Kelly Patterson

August 01, 2016

Midwestern born rapper/singer/songwriter, Reid the Martian, is on some other stuff. He refuses to fall in line and into place with a lot of today’s lackluster hip-hop which seems more rooted in mimicking trends than delivering authenticity. His new album Excuses Not to Sleep serves up a feast of originality where other artists are satisfied delivering empty-calorie songs. Think the lyrical savvy of Eminem with the infallible delivery of a Kendrick Lamar or J. Cole. Then add to the package an amazing musicianship that journeys back to his days as a drummer with the rock group Wolf, the Rabbit (formerly Auburn Skies). This artistry, at times, gives him the capability of fronting any relevant pop/rock group as well as hanging with the best in hip-hop. An artist that can blend several genres so easily often runs the risk of where exactly to plant their feet, but I don’t think it’s a dilemma that causes any loss of sleep. If Reid the Martian is losing any Z’s it’s because he’s pouring everything he has and knows into his craft. There are no excuses or disclaimers when it comes to what you’ll hear. On the albums lead off song, “Distractions,” the live instrumentation is apparent and you may even detect some Jamiroquai soul-funk influences as the track swells and sets the tone for what’s to follow. Other significant songs on the 10 track album are “Take Care,” which has more of an electro, Daft Punk vibe and “The Other Side,” which starts with haunting synthesized melodies and piano harmonies that allow Reid to poetically sink his teeth into. Excuses Not to Sleep is available digitally at CD Baby.