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Jonathan Knox

September 07, 2016

It seems that Mild High Club is a band that can bring together opposites. Not only does the Stones Throw 5-piece list their hometown as being on both coasts (Chicago and L.A.), but their new album, Skiptracing, works some opposing forces as well – with nice results.

It’s not inaccurate to describe the new album as light and spacey (even float-y). It maintains great grooves throughout, and at times manages to pack some punch that might not be expected. It all works though. The album knows what it draws from, and owns its sound (as the album title suggests, skip tracing) while still covering some wide-ranging ground.

At only 30 minutes long, Skiptracing’s short runtime works to its benefit as it seems the “Club” closes while you’re still having a good time. Tastemaker radio station KCRW previously described the band as “A stone in the zen garden of la slack funk psychedelia” which is pretty accurate. That said, if you like listening to Pink Floyd at the beach or if you’re just looking to space out with some intelligent, spacious, and surprising grooves, Skiptracing, is not a record to pass by.

Mild High Club is also in the midst of a tour including a stop in Toronto on October 1st! Pick up tickets for that show here and check out all the other tour dates here.

Mild High Club’s Skiptracing, is now available via Stones Throw.