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Sarah Nazim

November 03, 2017

Music Programmer: Jonathan Knox

Artist Selected: Rene & Angela

Song Selected: I’ll Be Good

Jonathan’s thoughts on the track…

I’ll Be Good is an underrated 80s gem that has an absolutely irresistible beat topped with a back and forth female-male vocal talking about love and trust. Relatable, sure, but that beat! As a result, this song can perk up an evening crowd in any hip establishment. Some people may recognize that the beat was later sampled by Jay Z’s protégé Foxy Brown on her 1997 single “I’ll Be.”

Personally, I always find it interesting to hear where a sample came from, and then how the original and the newer version compare. Sure, Foxy’s “I’ll Be” is fine, though strangely that version feels more dated than the ’85 original. Somehow both have seemed to escape any rotation at all despite the reaction the original gets. That said, I’m bringing it back! Plus you know it’s an awesome song when it’s not available on Spotify. Put it on, turn it up, and see if you can’t sit still — enjoy!

Listen to “I’ll Be Good” below.