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Sarah Nazim

October 04, 2017

Music Programmer: Kelly Patterson

Artist Selected: King Henry featuring Rhye

Song Selected: Moment 

Kelly’s thoughts on the track…

Los Angeles-based producer King Henry has teamed up with the R&B duo Rhye on his new song “Moment,” from his yet to be titled forthcoming EP.

 King Henry is best known for his work as a frequent collaborator with Diplo, as well as contributing on Beyoncé’s “All Night,” Major Lazer and Justin Bieber’s “Cold Water,” and The Weeknd’s “Nothing Without You.”

“Moment” is another impressive track creating a hypnotic, minimalistic exploration into ethereal R&B that lulls listeners into a chill, contemplative mode. The addition of Rhye’s haunting and subdued vocals adds to the melodic magic that’s achieved through mischievously placed synths, piano and violins.

This is the perfect song for any upscale, relaxed or hip and cool environment, whether savoring bite-sized sophisticated cuisine in an eclectic lounge, unwinding on the rooftop amongst tastemakers with a vibrant city scene as your backdrop or sipping artistic martinis from a sparkling poolside.

Hear “Moment” below.