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Sarah Nazim

October 19, 2017

Music Programmer: Craig Clemens

Artist Selected: Jaw Gems

Song Selected: How Could Yu B This Cold

Craig’s thoughts on the track…

Some of the most difficult atmospheres to accommodate are those that know they’re at the top of their industry. Hotels, restaurants, retail operations and brand management that has such a keen understanding of their premium brand that they expect nothing less from their music programming.

This client will settle for nothing less than something cutting edge, something on top of musical trends and something nuanced and interesting.

The newest album from Jaw Gems – and specifically their song, “How Could Yu B This Cold” – is a sound that spans and borrows from some of the biggest producers of the last 10 years (Black Milk, Oddisee, Flying Lotus, Dilla) and fits all the criteria of a client looking for something challenging and cutting edge.

Jaw Gems, the electronic quartet from Portland, Maine thrives on that same sort of loose electro-rap fusion, while remaining light and seemingly improvised, almost wavering completely into jazz or avant-garde. This music is a journey more than it is a destination. A sound that captivates a listener while augmenting the atmosphere around them.

Listen to “How Could Yu B This Cold” below.