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Sarah Nazim

August 20, 2018

Have you ever wondered who selects the music at some of your favorite stores, restaurants and entertainment venues? In this series our RX Music Programmer’s will be giving you a taste of the music being curated for the amazing brands we work with!

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 Let’s dive into Steve Panacci’s picks!

Daytime| Yukon Blonde – Love the Way You Are

The Daytime Playlist kicks off the day’s music and it’s important to properly set the tone for the rest of the day. This song exhibits a perfect medium tempo, while not being too low that it’s tiresome to the listener. It also speaks to their youthful demographic.

Happy Hour | Bingo Players – Love Me Right

As we start to bring up the energy for the day, this song epitomizes exactly what this list is – happy! It’s an energetic fresh find that can ensure those after work drinkers and habitual guests are only focused on that moment in time.

Late Night | Clean Bandit – Solo (Feat. Demi Lovato |Ofenbach Remix)

The final list of the day is filled with more party starters. It’s important to keep things much more contemporary for this playlist. This song is a different take on a current Top 40 hit, startling the crowd with unpredictability, but still having the intensity needed to keep the vibe lively.