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Sarah Nazim

August 03, 2018

Have you ever wondered who selects the music at some of your favorite stores, restaurants and entertainment venues? In this series our RX Music Programmer’s will be giving you a taste of the music being curated for the amazing brands we work with!


Hard Rock Hotel & Casino offers an energetic entertainment and gaming experience with the services and amenities associated with a boutique luxury resort hotel.Learn more here. 




 Let’s dive into Programmer Matthew Muto’s song choices!

1. Playlist #1- Hard Rock Casino Floor

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino has locations across Canada, the USA, and even in China, but no matter what location you’re at, you need some fun, upbeat tracks to match the fun you’re going to have on the casino floor!

Song 1| Kitten-  I Did It!

With a tasteful callback to the new wave rock movement of the 80s, Kitten makes any positive atmosphere that much more enjoyable. Whether you’re at the slots, playing blackjack, or at the roulette table, this song is going to match the excitement regardless of what you may be doing.

2. Playlist # 2 – Hard Rock Beach Club & Pool

This section of the Hotel & Casino is a tropical oasis, fun-in-the-sun escape from all the hustle and bustle of the casino floor.

Song 2 | Honne – Me & You feat. Tom Misch

Hard Rock offers a relaxing, happy-go-lucky getaway for all its patrons, and Honne’s jam “Me & You” is the perfect fit! You can get up and dance, or just relax by the pool and enjoy your zen filled moment with this song.

3. Playlist #3 – Hard Rock Council Oak Restaurant

While spending your time at any Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, there are quite the variety of settings to enjoy. After you’re done at the casino and had a chance to relax by the pool, you can head to their Council Oak Restaurant for dinner. Council Oak offers a sophisticated, fine-dining experience with an upscale atmosphere, with a bit of fun and some red hot jams to boot.

Song 3 | St. Paul & the Broken Bones – Apollo

St. Paul & the Broken Bones have put out a brand new single this month, and it just so happens to complement the Council Oak Restaurant vibe perfectly. “Apollo” manages to augment sophistication and enjoyment of your experience all at the same time, which is what the restaurant is all about!