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Sarah Nazim

February 05, 2018

Have you ever wondered who selects the music at some of your favorite stores, restaurants and athletic venues? In this series our RX Music Programmer’s will be giving you a taste of the music being curated for the amazing brands we work with!


The UFC GYM® is the first major brand extension of the Ultimate Fighting Championship®—the world leader in mixed martial arts. In partnership with New Evolution Ventures™(NeV™), pioneers of the world’s top fitness brands, UFC GYM® makes the elite training worthy of world champions available to all.

Offering a full range of group fitness classes, private MMA training, personal and group dynamic training, and MMA-style youth programming, UFC GYM® is home to fitness enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. As the first to combine mixed martial arts and fitness, it has developed an atmosphere where you can revel in immediate results, united by its winning dedication to TRAIN DIFFERENT®. Check out its website for more information. 


Let’s dive into Programmer Steve Panacci’s picks!

1. Paolo Ortelli & Max Mylian – Rhythm Is A Dancer

One of the most important elements of exercising is motivation. That’s why you need music with great power. Aside from having that familiarity, the strong up-tempo beat of this song is a great example of the intensity required when working out. This is a remix of the original song by SNAP!

 2. Stone Broken – Worth Fighting For

While this song isn’t necessarily about working out, lyrics like, “stand up, and show them what we’re made of” and “that’s what we’re fighting for” can certainly be applied to this concept – it’s about being a leader and taking control. The playlist containing this song is designed to get the heart rate up!