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Sarah Nazim

February 16, 2018

Have you ever wondered who selects the music at some of your favorite stores and restaurants? In this series, our RX Music Programmer’s will be giving you a taste of the music being curated for the amazing brands we work with!

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Let’s dive into Programmer Kelly Patterson’s Picks!

Tempur-Pedic’s playlist is an eclectic mixture of luxury lounge that is cool and sexy with a hint of electronica and indie artists that gives it a bit of an edge.  Throughout the day the vibe can fluctuate between a low tempo, chill instrumental song with jazzy aspirations like Nightmares On Wax’s “Nights Interlude,” which is intended to encourage their customers to relax and unwind.

The soothing  and stylish track from the East London group, The Japanese House on their song “Saw you in a dream,” which features flirtatious keyboard and guitar riffs  keeps the customer engaged, but breathing easy with the lead singers alluring and hypnotic vocals.

Lastly, the mid-tempo, alternative vocal accomplished by Andra Day’s “Only Love,”  has an ultra sexy fervor that will maintain the chill, but awaken even the most laid-back customer around the most comfortable and dreamy selection of mattresses.

Nightmares On Wax – Nights Interlude

The Japanese House – Saw you in a dream

Andra Day – Only Love