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Craig Clemens

April 27, 2015

The brains behind the project Porcelain Raft, Mauro Remiddi is putting the newest EP out on his own label Volcanic Field. The new EP Half Awake is to come out digitally and on cassette. Here’s what Remiddi has to say about the whole thing, via Stereogum :

Volcanic Field is born from the need to create a house for all my music and ideas. A sort of archive, a diary of my work in progress, for the sake to tell the story and tell it all.

I started recording when I was 14 years old, using a cassette recorder, playing piano, creating fake radio programs. Than at 18 my first proper recording device was a 4 track cassette, so for me cassettes are not a novelty or a format that I just discovered. It’s always been there, I love that saturated sound, I know that hiss by heart. That hiss makes me feel at home.

I started making my own print, sculpting the linoleum bloc because I liked the feeling of creating something from nothing and have it in front of me, straight away tangible. Music somehow is way more abstract, you compose, than record, than wait to be a physical thing, it takes months. With the print, to see it in front of you, it take few hours.

I’ve been recording a lot of music in the past two years, songs and also instrumental abstract stuff. This EP is only the tip of the iceberg and it feels very good to finally release it and share it, I cannot wait to play this songs live.

Check out the first single, “All In My Head”, below :