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Craig Clemens

January 07, 2014


Layers don’t help, ice gets slick and retailers can’t keep up with salt demands, airports are almost days behind schedule, beards are frozen, cars stalled, and toes are cold – it’s the polar vortex, baby, and there’s no way around it. On Monday, temperatures across North America have plummeted from Calgary to Atlanta, from Montreal to St. Louis; over 187 million people are in the deep freeze and it looks to continue at least through Wednesday.

It all started last weekend when, due to a shift in the jet stream, the “polar vortex” (the natural circulation of arctic air) was able to move southward and settle over central Canada, blasting arctic air as far south as Jacksonville.

Graphic via The
Graphic via The

Thankfully this isn’t a permanent thing. Temperatures are predicted to return to near or above normal by Thursday, but until that time things will be miserable with temperatures expected to dip below -40 degrees in many places overnight tonight. It should be noted that the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales of measurement even out at around -40, so -40 in Chicago is the same as -40 in Toronto.

Essentially, freaking cold!

Human SockStay warm out there, be safe, don’t leave the house unless you really have to, and be sure to keep your head if the power happens to go out.

Until the weather improves, we’ve put together a few songs to help you get through the deep freeze!


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