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Craig Clemens

February 19, 2014


Anybody who figured that Pharrell, after his historically successful 2013, would go back to his quiet ways of simply producing hit records from behind the scenes was completely wrong.

Mind you we haven’t heard the record yet, and he has started the habit of wearing weird hats recently, Pharrell’s first foray in 2014,  G I R L,  promises to be a hit regardless of how it is critically received.

Let’s get one thing straight before we all go crazy about this record: unless this record completely redefines how we view popular music and culture in 13 songs or less – this album will be a step back for Pharrell in comparison to 2013. The guy had 7 Grammy nominations last year, while getting the nod for both record of the year and best duo/group performance – all for a record he didn’t even have top billing for.

Again, before we crucify the guy for possibly not living up to our expectations – let’s just remember that it was Pharrell himself who set the bar so impossibly high in the first place.

I could also be wrong – I will eat my words if, somehow, he manages to exceed all expectations and blow us all away.

Until then, he’s released a preview:


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