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Sarah Nazim

March 02, 2018

Krista Jane is an up and coming recording artist from Ottawa, Ontario who has become a regular face at the Ottawa Senators games for her rendition of the national anthem. At the age of 16, after making it as a Top 200 contestant on Canadian Idol, she was invited to perform on “Amateur Night” at the legendary Apollo Theater in New York City .

Her outstanding performance of Roberta Flack’s “Killing Me Softly” granted her a standing ovation and gave her the confidence to pursue her music career. While completing her Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Ottawa, she began recording her own songs and continued to perform at various open mic events around the city.

In February 2017, she officially joined ELVO Music, a local entertainment company. “Krista has a vibrant and soulful voice” says Lynx, artistic director at ELVO Music, “Her new single Waters Overwhelm is musically endearing with a small infusion of dancehall, world beats and pop sound. I think people will be pleased.”

It’s great to see a rise in local Canadian pop music! Before I heard Krista’s first single I had listened to her cover of Alicia Key’s “Diary” and her powerful and soulful voice was impressive. She cites her musical influences to the likes of Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys.

We can surely expect to hear a versatile range of music coming from Krista!