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Tony Young

October 01, 2015

We all know and love UB40 for their reggae vibes. With over decades of touring and recording three of the original group members are set to put out an album under the new moniker UB40 featuring Ali Campbell, Astro and Mickey Virtue, they’ve been performing at concert venues since 2013.

Since forming in 1978 the original UB40 has sold over 70 million records world wide with hits like “Kingston Town,” “Red Red Wine” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” paying homage to the foundation of Reggae music. Ali left the group in 2008 after been with them for over 30 years. Artistic and brotherly differences played a huge factor in his decision to leave. Astro and Vitue left in 2013 when the final straw was the recording of a country album “Getting Over The Storm”.

Dark Side as Astro describes them is UB40 with Duncan Campbell as the front man, singing his brother Ali’s songs. The Campbell brothers haven’t spoken to each other in years. The two groups are still on the road so if you’re a fan which one are gonna support? My money is on the original 3 UB40 members, just listen to their version of The Rays “Silhouette”. Their recording process is simple describes Ali, “reggae, reggae, reggae”. Keep the sound original with the formula that’s kept fans flocking to see them for all these years. They’re currently in the studio recording a new album and will be touring in the new year.

A guy at a coffee shop asked me who wrote, “Red Red Wine”? Do you know? I was surprised myself!

UB40 feat. Ali Cmnpbell, Astro and Mickey Virtue – “Silhouette”