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Craig Clemens

October 31, 2014

Very rarely is an album featured here where half the songs have already been released and even charted in some circles. Hell, even Todd Terje’s masterwork It’s Album Time… from earlier this year didn’t get play here – an oversight we’ll most certainly be rectifying once we detail our favourites for “Best of the Year”.

Regardless of their past propensity of focusing on singles, Flight Facilities, the Sydney-based production duo of Hugo Gruzman and James Lyell, finally have a debut album – and it’s pretty good.

As much as this kinda feels like they’ve complied these together so it can stand as a testament to their last 4 years of work they still try and pawn it off as a real thing, and in addition to some nods to album format (the intro being most evident of that) it flows well, which is all an album like this can really ask for.

I stop short of calling this a “Greatest Hits” record only because of the new songs offered, however, if modern artists are going to continue to do this then, maybe, the idea of the album is evolving even more than we imagined.

Independent of all the talk about the concept of ‘the album’ – this one is incredibly listenable. It’ll scare some trick-or-treaters tonight, accompany you as you climb into your BoJack Horseman costume, will get you dancing along as you down your 5th hard cider, and lull you out of your hangover tomorrow as the 15th tiny Snickers bar passes your lips.