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Lindsay Bell

January 13, 2020

Top Picks

1.“Need Your Love” – Tennis

Lively, powerful and magnetic – “Need Your Love” is certifiably proven to have you tapping your feet and swinging in your desk chair. This indie pop duo has produced an incredibly dynamic track with cheery beach rhythms juxtaposed with a salty breakup message. The interchanging tempos between the verses and chorus add depth to the track and echo the highs and lows of tumultuous love. Tennis’ music has already blessed the new year and created the perfect introduction to their highly anticipated album SWIMMER, set to release in 2020!

2. “Carefree” – Mick Jenkins

This song is perfect for your chill Monday mood. It’s got the classic Mick Jenkins recipe – smooth and vibey production with powerfully evocative lyrics. “Carefree” is a political track about living in a highly racialized society that criminalizes individuals based on their skin colour. Jenkins longs for a carefree night out with friends without the concern of prejudice and police discrimination. If you like this track, check out his 2020 album The Circus.

3. “Stop This Flame” – Celeste

Celeste offers straight magic on this high tempo-soulful ballad about impenetrable love. Her smooth and sultry delivery through the verses gives the track a jazzy quality, while on the chorus she erupts with booming vocal prowess. This is the ideal tune to throw your hands up and dance like nobody’s watching.

4. “And It’s Still Alright” – Nathaniel Rateliff

This is the kind of music that transcends you on a journey of self-reflection and acceptance. Nathaniel Rateliff’s single “And It’s Alright” is a beautiful acoustic performance that explores the changes and struggles that come with life. It’s a song about learning to grow from your experiences and let go of past hardships that hinder one’s mind from ease. The soothing melodies and soulful sounds of Rateliff are comforting to all as we proceed into the unknown.

5. “Good News” – Mac Miller

“Good News” is the first track released from Mac Miller’s post-humous album Circles and if you’re a fan, it’s not an easy listen. There’s a haunting overtone to this somber track, as the lyrics hold a different meaning given Miller’s untimely death in 2018. The 26-year old rapper speaks about the pressures of presenting an idealized version of himself, despite having feelings of self-doubt and unease. One can’t help but feel heart sick at the song’s closure when Miller says, “there’s a whole lot more for me waitin,’” expressing his optimism for what’s to come. While it can be disheartening to listen to, this track is an authentic display of Miller’s musical genius and relatability that connects audiences from all walks of life.

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