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Lindsay Bell

February 10, 2020

Top Picks 

1.”Think” – The Magic Gang

The Magic Gang’s latest release is a sunny jaunt into the stress-free mindset of thinking things through and keeping one’s cool. This Brighton quartet skillfully blends Indie Rock melodies with elements of Jazz, R&B and Soul that fuels the record with energy and style. Its upbeat tempo and catchy hooks will have your fingers snapping, hips shaking and feet electric sliding into the week ahead.

2. “Money Ain’t Free” – STORRY

Juno-nominated STORRY is an out-of-the-box musician who is gaining recognition for her authentic storytelling, soulful melodies and powerful pipes. She blends the sounds of R&B, Hip-Hop/Rap, Soul & Reggae that complement her soul-baring lyrics and spicy attitude. The unique flavour of her music is infused with observations, opinions and experiences that meet the highest degree of genuineness. “Money Ain’t Free” is a heart-felt chant about the trials and tribulations of ‘making it big’ and managing fame with integrity. Make sure you watch the Juno’s this year to see how STORRY’s Best Reggae Record of the Year nomination unfolds!

3. “believe in myself” – slchld & Aso

This is the perfect lo-fi Chill-hop tune to watch the world go by to. It features soothing piano melodies accompanied by mellow Hip-Hop beats and the sultry drawl of slchld. This track fits into a wide range of moods and atmospheres – from studying in a cool café to setting the mood by candlelight. It will ever so coolly find its way into the soundtrack of your week.

4. “Higher Than The Drugs” – Stuck On Planet Earth

“Higher Than The Drugs” is an alt-rock energizer that will have you dancing for days. Toronto band Stuck On Planet Earth paints pictures of ‘feeling high’ with references to fevers, sweating and chemicals, however, the ‘high’ they speak is more of a state of mind. The band is referring to an elated mindset they’re in, something they can’t be brought down from. It’s got the right feel-good attitude to break you out of your Monday slump.

5. “People, I’ve been sad” – Christine and the Queens

This is a heavy contemplation track that personifies feelings of desolation and dullness. Christine and the Queens mix lo-fi electronic beats with Pop sensibilities that engage listeners with a full and unique sound. It’s a vulnerable track that drones on about hurt, missing out and emptiness. The atmospheric and laid-back composition echoes the sentiments professed by lead singer Heloise Adelaide Letissier, who interchanges between English and French to diversely present her message. While the song’s message is dismal, it emanates a notion of understanding, presenting sadness as a shared experience.

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