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Lindsay Bell

January 27, 2020

Top Picks

1. “I Feel Alive” – TOPS

“I Feel Alive” is the perfect happy-hippy jam to send you into a beach-bound trance. The Montreal indie rock band TOPS has filled this track with soothing melodies, mesmerizing chord progressions and lovestruck chants that blend to form a nostalgic daydream. It’s the kind of music to accompany your summer montage video – rope swinging into the water, toasting marshmallows over the fire, driving with your hands out the window – all shot on a vintage film recorder.

2. “Nostalgia For The Present Moment” – Jaunt

Jaunt showcases their unique style on this chill neo-soul release about learning from past experiences. The Toronto natives layer their sound with mellow synths, groovy basslines and harmonizing vocals to create this hazy-hypnotic track. The lyrics deal with the sentiments of a fresh breakup where one’s attitude fluctuates between holding on and letting go. It’s about understanding the decisions that one made in a relationship from the alternative perspective of being outside of it.

3. “Halfway to Heaven” – TriOrca

TriOrca exudes pure style on this cool R&B/Hip-Hop infused track. This dynamic three-piece pop group breaks boundaries with their tailored production that features chill tempos, catchy hooks and draws from an array or musical styles. Lead singer Whitney Myer’s exquisite raspy vocals give the track an added element of jazzy-soul. It’s the perfect tune to add some swagger to your step.

4. “Hot In Herre” – LION BABE

Get ready to dance with LION BABE’s groovy-soul cover of Nelly’s notorious party anthem, “Hot In Herre.” These neo-soul masters will have you shuffling through the week with good vibes only. This rendition brings in jazzier elements of flute and lounge rhythms that slow the track down and smoothens the overall feel. LION BABE’s “Hot In Herre” will be a necessity for your ‘getting-groovy’ needs.

5. “Shampoo Bottles” – Peach Pit

“Shampoo Bottles” is a breezy breakup track about one’s inability to let go of what has been left behind. It unpacks the emotions of longing for another person but feeling unable to reach out to them. The Vancouver indie-quartet Peach Pit are known for their storytelling abilities, presented with their signature surf-rock aesthetic. This track is a relatable reflection of the hardships of broken love.

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