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Eric De La Torre

March 25, 2017

While Ed Sheeran’s hit album Divide continues to top the Billboard charts, Major Lazer has made their own contribution with a truly dazzling remix of Ed’s arguably biggest single off the album, “Shape of You”. The electronic dancehall trio, with Diplo at the helm, masterfully craft their signature sound to Ed Sheeran’s, not only changing the song musically but adding to it lyrically and vocally as well.

It’s a bold move for any remixer, to alter or mess with another artists vocals. It’s usually the one constant across different versions of the song, and something that most listeners can identify with even if the underlying beats are different. Here though, Major Lazer employs dancehall vocalists Nyla & Kranium who both deliver seamless verses. Nyla takes over for some of Ed Sheeran’s lyrics, creating more of a duet vibe which really adds to the context of the song, which is a simulated conversation more than a monologue. Kranium adds an entirely new verse, which also fits well in the song and adds to the dancehall flavor.

Of course, Major Lazer knocks it out of the park as usual on the beat side of things, really playing up all of the dancehall vibes and adding some electronic club punch to this otherwise coffeehouse gem. To the haunting vocal synth in the intro and drop, to the crush drums, Major Lazer makes “Shape of You” EDM ready.

Check out Major Lazer’s remix of “Shape of You” below: