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Kelly Patterson

June 19, 2017

Nearly four years have passed since London Grammar released their debut album, If You Wait; raking up two million in sales and becoming global stars along the way. The British duo is made up of singer Hannah Reid, guitarist Dan Rothman and keyboard/beats maker Dominic “Dot” Major. Their 2013 breakout album solidified them as major contenders in the chill-out, electronica and indie pop genres with cosmic, piano-driven melodies that drifted atop perfectly placed guitar rifts. Their latest release, Truth is a Beautiful Thing allows Reid’s brooding and pensive vocals to shine more brightly in the forefront; as she glides unapologetically across visceral open wounds on her way to profound healing. Her angelic voice twirls around familiar somber themes that offer real depth and emotional insight. The album at times feels too heavy with their signature angst on tracks “May the Best,” and “Who Am I,” but it is resuscitated with hope and a light at the end of the tunnel on the cinematically produced single, “Big Picture,” and the galactic mid-tempo “Everyone Else.” London Grammar has an advantage that many artists don’t have. They’re confident that they’re good at what they do and they didn’t feel pulled to fit into any current trends. They didn’t tweak their formula much and did not introduce any new swanky production or direction, but it works for them and that’s a beautiful thing!

Everyone Else

Big Picture

Non Believer

Rooting For You

Truth is a Beautiful Thing