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Alex Reichline

August 14, 2015

You might notice something a little different on this latest release by James Vincent McMorrow. The alt-folk singer has shifted gears sonically for this one-off single. Hopefully, there will be more where this came from. The artist talks about his inspiration for the song below.

“Wasted moments. We had a lot of them. Even though I believe I’ve done the right thing at the time, when I look back I realize I actually made my life a lot more difficult. Not an uncommon tale. I rarely learn anything from the mistakes, in fact if I went back I’d probably do the same stuff all over again.

But I am trying. I’m trying to be better, and more honest. I was thinking about those wasted moments one night while I was working on my next record. I started writing this song, finished it in front of my drum kit the next day. I already had all my songs for the new record, this felt like something different, born out of the same ideas but for different reasons.

I recorded it with tempo because life to me is tempo, it’s rarely slow. This song is the connect from where I was, to where I’m going to be very soon.”