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Ross Logan

March 03, 2016

Brighton’s Leon Vynehall has been producing some of the most interesting house music in recent memory, since he burst on the scene in 2014 with debut album, Music for the Uninvited. His productions proudly showcase his funk, R&B and hip-hop influences yet also sound completely unique – particularly through his use of percussion – while never losing grip on the 4/4 heart of house music.

Vynehall recently shared a stellar new track, “Kiburu’s”:

The track is from his upcoming EP, Rojus. With the exotic bird samples and punching drums, you can certainly hear his influences for the EP come through in the elements of the track. He told Resident Advisor:

I turned on to a National Geographic documentary named Designed To Dance, explaining the courtship rituals of birds of paradise. As I watched, I jokingly began drawing similarities between these birds’ attempts to captivate and impress the opposite sex with dance, and the way strangers try to attract one another in clubs and interact on the dance floor. This gave me the idea of creating a record of functional club music, sequenced as if it were a club night, from doors to closing, using samples of these birds of paradise and their habitat. Thus, Rojus.

Rojus will be released in a double-pack 12″ on April 1st through Frankfurt’s Running Back, who consistently release some of the most immaculately produced underground house records of recent years. The tracklist is as follows:

A1 Beyond This…
A2 Saxony
A3 Beau Sovereign
B1 Paradisea
B2 Wahness
C1 Blush
D1 Kiburu’s
D2 …There Is You