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Kelly Patterson

October 27, 2017

Soulful songstress, Keyshia Cole, returns to form with her new signature ballad “Incapable” from the forthcoming album titled 11:11 Reset. On the throwback ballad, that is an ode to R&B nostalgia, she proves that her writing and singing chops are still some of the best in the business. This new track is sure to bring old fans back into the fold; whom she may have lost along the way due to experimenting with ever changing musical identities on her last few projects. “Incapable,” is a powerful, bluesy ballad that finds Cole belting about the all too familiar ‘relationship woes’ that she sings and writes so passionately about. If “Incapable” is any indication of what to expect from her new album, Keyshia Cole may resume her top spot as a formidable R&B star. During a recent Vibe Magazine interview she could barely contain her excitement for her new project when asked what fans could expect:

“Real music, live instrumentation and also some great content. I really love the songs on the album. I’m super excited. I literally cried when I walked into my listening session in Los Angeles. It’s for real, it’s really happening, my seventh album. We have DJ Khaled on the album. We have Too Short, Kamiyah, French Montana, Young Thug and more. It’s just been awesome, it’s been amazing. The process has been three years long so I’m so excited it’s finally coming out. On top of that, I make it clear that I own all of my masters so that’s also super awesome as an artist.”

At just 11 tracks, her new album 11:11 Reset will mark Keyshia’s first release on Epic Records since leaving Interscope. Here’s hoping that the label change will produce the consistent hits we’ve grown to love about her.