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Craig Clemens

October 02, 2015

He must have been hella bored Monday night. At about 1AM, Kaytra unexpectedly dropped 8 new tracks, ranging from R&B flips, Boogie-Funk, Old school Breakbeat and even a little classic House; all blessed with the Montreal producer’s signature style.

Quite a nice surprise to wake up to on Tuesday morning as I loaded up Soundcloud. “New Kay?” I said out loud.. not 1, 2….8 new tracks to sink my ears into as I went about my morning.

With enough music to lace up an EP, at 2:44AM Tuesday morning, Kaytranada tweeted “What a relief to drop some number 2s on yall”.

Kaytranada is set to release a full length album on XL Recordings, titled So Bad, however the release date is currently unknown. We will keep you posted!

Check out the tracks below. They’re all available for free download (for now!).