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Eric De La Torre

October 23, 2015

Ever since Justin Bieber was discovered by Scooter Braun almost 10 years ago, he’s been known to put out pop ballads for the young teen heart throbs of America. And although he’s been widely commercially successful, he’s always been labeled by the music community to never put out anything serious worth listening to.

Enter 2015, and Justin is on a whole new level with his recent hits “Where Are U Now” and “What Do U Mean”, which have connected and resonated with an older “more serious” music crowd. A large part to thank for that paradigm shift is the transition over into pop of EDM superstar and producer Skrillex. Having worked with all corners of the music industry everyone, from the Doors to Diplo to Big Boi, Skrillex has become a tastemaker in the music world. Having turned his attention to Justin Bieber now, he’s transformed this boy superstar who seemed good for only teen sugar pop, into a megastar that both teens and music critics alike can enjoy.

Justin and Skrillex’s latest single, entitled “Sorry”, is a wonderful mash of genres from reggae vibes to moombahton to soaring pop vocals. With the help of modern visionaries such as Sonny Moore (Skrillex) and Wesley Pentz (Diplo), pop artists who have traditionally been pidgeon holed into a musical corner are finally able to create music that means something, and that speaks to fans who are older than 18. What this means, is a potential whole new era where pop artists like Justin Bieber can be considered just as “serious” of a more dramatic artist such as Adele or Florence and the Machine.

Check out the Dance video for “Sorry” below.