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Jonathan Knox

April 19, 2016

Veteran axeman and lead Aerosmith six-stringer, Joe Perry has kept himself busy as of late. Not only has he teamed up with Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp as part of the Hollywood Vampires, he also has a new solo album in the works. While there’s still no title, tracklisting or release date (it is expected later this year), Perry has just released the first song from the record titled, “I’ll Do Happiness.”

The riff-filled rocker features not Perry on vocals, but classic UK singer Terry Reid instead.

For people unfamiliar with Terry Reid, a quick look into his back-story will reveal that he was initially pegged to be the lead singer for the legendary Led Zeppelin upon Jimmy Page’s request, but then turned it down and suggested a young fresh-faced Robert Plant.

The collaboration came as a bit of a surprise as Perry’s new album was initially intended to be an instrumental record, though it seems that working in L.A. changed that plan.

Speaking to, Perry said, “All the other solo records I’ve done have been in Boston, and there’s a lot of great talent there, but there’s so many great singers out in LA and they tend to be around between tours, so that opens up new possibilities.”

Those possibilities have resulted in new songs with Terry Reid, Iggy Pop and New York Dolls frontman David Johansen, all of which are expected to appear on Perry’s new album.

Of course with all this activity, fans are likely left wondering if any of this new material could work it’s way onto an Aerosmith album. To that Perry seems somewhat indifferent saying, “…I know I’ll end up with a batch of material that we could maybe look at for that band.”

For now though it seems Perry’s focus is on this solo record, his work with the Hollywood Vampires and their upcoming tour.

While we wait for more news on Joe Perry’s 4th solo album, give a listen to his collaboration with Terry Reid, “I’ll Do Happiness” below.