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Andre Grant

July 18, 2016

Oh boy…

I’m always quite torn when it comes to hip-hop beef. It’s healthy for the culture, In terms of it being a sport and having healthy competition in the game. But, then it can turn very ugly very fast, and sometimes can end in loss of life. But as long as you can take it with a sense of humor, hip-hop beef is always very entertaining to watch, and to see who comes out on top.

With that said, veteran rapper Joe Budden has a few words for Canadian rapper Drake on his 2nd (that’s right 2nd) diss track to the rapper called “Wake” Wondering where the first one went? Sit back and listen…

Let me give you the quick synopsis of what’s happening here.

*deep breath*

Joe Budden felt somewhat of a mentor to the up and coming Drake back in his early mixtape days. Even having Drake on one of his vlogs a few years ago. A verse was promised to Joe at some point but the Drake became Drake, and Joe remained the same underground legend he is today. Years past, and Joe had a very deep and thoughtful opinion of Drake’s last album “Views” on his official Joe Budden podcast “I’ll Name This Podcast Later”


Joe heard a very subtle response from Drake on French Montana’s “No Shopping” but this was heard by Joe before anyone else had a chance to. This prompted Joe to release “Making A Murderer Part 1” that can be heard here.

That’s all I can say before I pass out. The reason why this track is the highlight of this post is 3 reasons.

1: Joe Budden can rap his ass off, and will always be respected for it.
2: The araabMUZIK produced beat is fire.
3: There’s no way Drake can pull a “Meek Mill” and not have a proper response after hearing this.

Sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy.