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Tony Young

September 25, 2015

How does a Russian pop star and a legendary guitar funkster meet? At a charity event of course! Chic’s, Nile Rodgers and Russian pop sensation Emin met at a charity event Rodgers was being honored at and Emin was performing.

After the chance meeting the pair eventually headed to the studio to record the single “Boomerang”. Emin who is based in Moscow and London, but grew up in New York was honored to work with Rodgers…“I have been a fan of Nile Rodgers longer than I can remember, so to get the opportunity to create and play on a single…“

Nile Rodgers, producer, hit maker also had mutual admiration: “From the very first moment Emin and I met it’s been like a boomerang: we just keep coming back to each other. But it’s been that way with all the big music collaborations I’ve had. It’s always a chance meeting and then you get this vibe going and the next thing you know you’re making a record. It was that way with Bowie and Madonna. It was that way with the B-52’s and INXS and Duran Duran, and now with Emin.”

Emin will be performing tracks from his latest record More Amore as he tours with UK popsters Take That, throughout Europe in October.

Can’t hurt album sales to kick out a fresh new video for “Boomerang” with Chic’s, Nile Rodgers strumming a hot guitar groove.