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Kelly Patterson

October 05, 2015

Every now and then an artist or group comes along that flies just below the radar. For one reason or another they lack the serious buzz that more commercial artists seem to garner. The LA based group, Kan Wakan, an orchestral-influenced rock, pop ensemble lead by vocalist, Kristianne Bautista, easily falls into this category. Their 2014 debut album, Moving On, could also be called a collection of trippy, soul-infused songs that sound lush without being overwhelming; songs that you must allow to marinate to fully appreciate. Although, Yahoo voted them one of the best new artists of 2014 they have managed to maintain a certain level of mystery that plays wells into their eccentric nature. Bautista’s eerie, sultry vocals are commonly compared to those of the singer Adele. Where Adele trumps in power, Kan Wakan, shines with grit and angst that feels pure. The single, Like I Need You, could easily qualify as the biggest “sleeper” song on the album. It slowly ascends with anticipation of every chord without erupting messily over each carefully crafted note. Their entire album could be the perfect soundtrack for both a swanky hotel or a cinematic adventure. Moving on is still available digitally for those who enjoy being a part of a good thing before it has to blow up!