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Lindsay Bell

March 02, 2020

Top Picks 

1.”Anything You Want” – JAWNY 

Everybody’s Monday just got a bit spicier with this high energy dance hit! JAWNY (formerly known as Johnny Utah) self-produced this record and fuses funk basslines with up-tempo beats to electrify his audience with a cosmic sound. It doesn’t matter where you hear it, it’s the kind of record you can’t sit still to!

2. “The Other Side” – SZA & Justin Timberlake 

One doesn’t need to be a genius to figure out that the combination of two Pop powerhouses such as SZA and Justin Timberlake is a surefire way to generate a hit! This upbeat dance tune bops from start to finish, with SZA and J.T. masterfully harmonizing amid groovy basslines and ear worm synths. It’s been a while since the two icons have released new music and we couldn’t be happier that our prayers have been answered.

3. “Stupid Love” – Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga holds nothing back in her return to Pop music with this larger than life love ballad. If the aforementioned tracks are high energy, “Stupid Love” is that on speed. It will get your heart pumping, head banging and body jumping. This track is perfect for any activity that requires an added layer of adrenaline.

4. “Baggy Eyed Dopeman” – Busty & the Bass & George Clinton

Not a lot of artist can produce a full sound quite like Busty & the Bass. The nine-piece Montreal band incorporates elements of Jazz, Funk, Soul and R&B to produce genre-defying treasures such as “Baggy Eyed Dopeman.” This dynamic record will provide the proper ‘feel-good’ energy for any occasion.

5. “Bittersweet” – Lianne La Havas

Breaking from this week’s apparent theme of “high energy” hits, the extremely talented Lianne La Havas has come out with a stripped-down R&B record that is pure soul food. “Bittersweet” deals with the bitterness of breaking up combined with the sweet relief of moving on. La Havas’ sultry vocals give the melody a bluesy undertone that starts off slow and then builds into an eruption of sound. It’s a great start to her forthcoming album set to release later this year!

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