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Lindsay Bell

February 24, 2020

Top Picks

1.”Dragonball Durag” – Thundercat

Thundercat’s latest release is the kind of groovy goodness to keep the Valentines mood going into March! The Los Angeles R&B artist hypnotizes listeners with his signature funky bass riffs, soulful melody and seductive chants. Thundercat narrates a night of wooing and passionate love making, all brought on by the ego of wearing a durag. It’s quirky and sultry mixed with a whole lot of swag.

2. “4 American Dollars” – U.S. Girls

“4 American Dollars” is an upbeat ballad with a powerful message about self-worth and greed. It comments on the exploitation of workers and those who profit off the backs of other people. “You can do a lot with four American dollars” is the chorus for this thought-provoking tune and the narrative for which people are led to believe they have enough, regardless of those who profit off them. It’s a great start for U.S. Girls as we await their upcoming album.

3. “Good, Better, Best” – Swamp Dogg

Swamp Dogg’s latest release is a light and airy feel good tribute to women everywhere. It’s about recognizing all the great attributes of women and giving them the treatment they deserve. Swamp Dogg’s presentation is soulful, bluesy, and will get you into a good mood almost instantly.

4. “Kinky Visitation” – Brad Stank

This track has a delivery capable of suspending time, or at least, slowing it down to a pace where one only feels euphoria. Brad Stank, an artist who outwardly identifies with stoner culture, has produced a swanky love track for more laid-back activities – cloud chasing, sunset viewing and star gazing. Essentially, any activity that takes you out of the real world and puts you into a dream-like state. This track is the perfect high to shake you out of the cold winter blues.

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