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Andre Grant

September 13, 2016

Half Man, Half Amazing… That’s A Major Key.

God forbid! If you’ve forgotten how amazing the now 42 year old MC Nas is on the mic, his newest track on DJ Khaled’s collaboration album “Major Key” will set you back a ways and remind you what true hip-hop sounds like.

This is quite an existential moment that happening right now. I hadn’t realized it until writing this post that my ears have been spoiled. Spoiled by the over saturation of mumble raps and half hearted beats that have flooded the rap game. Nas comes back and absolutely reminds us what cohesive, bold, and uninterrupted rhymes can and should sound like.

DJ Khaled who’s been in the game for a healthy number of years is a bit guilty and has attributed to this “over saturation” a bit I would say, but he absolutely redeems himself, not only with this track he produced along side with Cool & Dre and 808-Ray but the album as a whole is quite solid with some pretty good features. Sampling the Fugees’ 1995 smash track “Fu-Gee-La” and a personal blessing from Lauryn Hill herself to Nas, his vocals couldn’t fit more perfectly in the 1995/2016 mixture of old, meets old and new.

You want a little secret while I’m at it? “Nas Album Done” isn’t just a song title…It’s coming very very soon as said by Nas himself.

Check out the old-fresh new sound below.