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Sarah Nazim

October 06, 2017



Firstage is the world’s first augmented reality music stage, but most importantly it is made by artists for artists. It removes the barriers that prevent bands from reaching new fans across the world and allows them to make real money doing it.

According to She Mazing, musicians Keith Lawlor and Neil Harrison were inspired to create the app while living in Dubai and missing the live music experience of their homeland, Ireland. Also, due to the limited number of venues in Dubai, it was hard for them to find places to gig, which sparked the idea to allow artists to tour virtually from anywhere in the world.

We started thinking about it and thought ‘Wouldn’t it be great if an Irish band could play in Dubai? Or an American band could play in China, or wherever?

The video below explains the entire process, but essentially, an artist signs up for the app and sets up a performance while fans get to browse shows around the world and tip the artists in the process, while earning “fan points” that unlocks more content and rewards.

It’s definitely an interesting concept, especially with the growing interest in virtual reality. Is this the future of live music? Tweet us your thoughts @rxmusic