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Craig Clemens

November 13, 2014

July Talk is the touring in the states right now and, to give you insight into their journey, they’re releasing a 6-part tour video/documentary called July Talk – From the Road.

The first installment premiered yesterday on Culture Collide and gives an up-close and personal look into the touring lives of  the Toronto-based garage rock/alt-blues group.

Here’s what July Talk’s guitarist/vocalist, Peter Dreimanis, has to say about the video:

Over the past year, our lives have been repeatedly turned upside down, as we’ve crisscrossed the globe in a tour van. July Talk – From the Road was born out of a necessity to share some of these experiences. We convinced our talented friend, filmmaker Jared Raab, to come with us and direct, shoot and edit a video series in the backseat of the van as we drive.

Chapter One follows us through the first leg of our North American tour. Detroit gets messy. Chicago is Leah’s kind of town and 1st Avenue, Minneapolis lives up to its name.