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Craig Clemens

November 29, 2013


7 months on the open seas, 2 years of amazing albums, a record deal, a little help from Patrick Carney of The Black Keys, and one absolutely amazing husband and wife duo.

After turning away from the label that gave them their start and joining Communion Music, Tennis has released their best work.

Small Sound, although only 5 songs in length, has a direction and production level that was not reached with their 2012 album Origins. By comparing the two records, it’s easy to hear that they have finally grown into their own, and are now comfortable with a sound that is distinctly theirs.

One thing that seriously sticks out is the first track “Mean Streets”. Not too often do listeners find themselves snapping their fingers to an indie pop song on repeated listens, but that is definitely the case here.

Musically speaking, Tennis is growing up, and it’s natural for fans of their early work to wonder where exactly they will end up. However, by listening to this short initial offering (there is word that a full length LP is in the works) it’s easy to hear that Tennis is in good hands at their new home.

Enjoy – and Happy Friday!

[youtube id=”jeKX9QR65AQ” width=”624″ height=”360″]


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