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Kelly Patterson

March 07, 2017

Singer-songwriter, Dia Frampton, fresh from her runner-up placing on the inaugural season of The Voice released a passionately delivered version of the Kanye West single, “Heartless.” It’s been more than five years since that gallant single and the release of her post reality show debut album Red. The critically received album was a diverse collection of indie rock, pop songs with a folksy twang mixed with effortless guitar riffs and ambitious dance tracks. It’s no surprise that after such a long hiatus, Frampton would emerge from the studio with an even more impressive compilation of songs on her latest solo effort Bruises. The lead-off single “Golden Years,” is a haunting escalation of beautifully orchestrated chords under brazen and unfeigned lyrics. The Utah native doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to exposing an authentic vulnerability which seems to have expanded through maturity and enduring the ebb and flow of the music industry. Producer and film composer, Dan Heath (Lana Del Rey), heads up production for Bruises and the aftermath are poignant instrumentations and soulful revelations that rise, fall, dance and rest knowingly in a cathartic creative haven.

Golden Years


Don’t Look Back

Out of the Dark