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For when you’re feeling social


Craig Clemens

March 26, 2014


When looking for a classy night out, where relaxed ambience and cool vibes meet original and inventive drink selections, look no further than Toronto’s Bar Chef, located in central downtown just steps from Queen and Spadina.

Bar Chef pride themselves in offering an upscale, fun, and above all, unique drinking and dining experience.  Hailed by Food and Wine Magazine as one of the “top seven new and innovative bars in the world”, Bar Chef is as renowned internationally as they are loved locally.  As eclectic as their menu, this establishment’s cool ambience and feel is transmitted through the custom music programming provided by RX Music.  Whether you’re into old school hip-hop, jazz crooning, or classic and modern rock hits and b-sides, there will always be an awesome background track bumping to help set the night’s tone.

Why not try a Black Truffle while listening to the Black Keys and Black Sabbath?  Or add a little Eric Clapton and Cream to your Strawberries and Lavender cocktail?  Maybe some A.T.C.Q.’s Bonita Applebaum to help accent your Apricot Sazerac?  Whatever it is you’re looking for, cool and classy nights filled with great tunes can always be found at Toronto’s Bar Chef.


BarChef Interior