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Kelly Patterson

June 20, 2016

Every now and then an artist comes along that really excites you. There’s something about them that makes you anticipate their every next move. For me, that artists is Bishop Briggs, a London born, but Los Angeles based singer who mixes dark pop with electro-soul into cohesive artistry. Born Sarah Grace McLaughlin, her stage name comes from the Scottish village where her parents were born. After spending several years schooled in Tokyo and Hong Kong she eventually planted roots in LA where she was discovered in a local bar by her now manager George Robertson. From that union, came her first formidable single “Wild Horses” that picked up crazy momentum after being featured in a Acura commercial. Her story is what dreams are made of and what most aspiring independent artists strive for… an opportunity to prove themselves and shine. Albeit through low-budget video’s, the lack of glamour and big production actually works in her favor for conveying the honesty and grittiness of her music. Her follow-up single, “River” is the song that just might catapult her into the next realm of superstar status. It is a smoky, mid-tempo jam that allows her explosive vocals to take over an intensifying track that ultimately climaxes after a slow deserving hand clap. Where there is smoke there is fire and Bishop Briggs is bringing the heat!