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Ross Logan

February 05, 2016

French DJ and producer Breakbot, AKA Thibaut Berland, is back with new album Still Waters, released today – his first LP since the 2012 debut By Your Side.

Since signing to Ed Banger Records in 2009, his quintessential brand of nu-disco and electro has become a staple summer soundtrack.

Funk, French Touch, Disco and R&B are the main influences on this album, which is filled with the joyous hooks and sun-kissed grooves that we’ve come to expect. Frequent guest vocalist Irfane has joined Breakbot on a permanent basis, and his soulful moments are exemplified in slower tracks such as “2Good4Me” where the duo slow things down for some heartfelt moments:

The first single from the album, “Back For More” is more in tune with previous excellent mixtapes and will give you some much-needed summer vibes for a February release:

Still Waters is available on all streaming services, and for purchase on iTunes today.