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Dan Gassner

March 28, 2016

With the release of their long-awaited second album only days away, the people behind one of Japan’s most popular acts in recent memory decided to build a little more hype by releasing a live video for a new song “The One”, recorded at their 2015 Yokohama Arena concert. BABYMETAL are known for their over the top live shows, but the time and effort put into this show in particular rivals some of the most elaborate concerts ever performed.

The group has always made a big effort to pay homage to the metal masters who’ve come before them, and the three massive smoke breathing fox sphinges (I had to Google the plural of sphinx, and apparently this is it. Now you know!) were a fitting tribute to the great Iron Maiden. But even those weren’t enough to keep all 34,000 eyes in the arena from being glued to the pyramid that floated over the crowd, carrying the girls of BABYMETAL as they brought grown men to their knees with one of their most powerful songs to date.

BABYMETAL’s second studio album Metal Resistance hits stores Friday, and the band will play their biggest show outside of Japan the following day at the UK’s Wembley Arena. This kicks off their second world tour, which culminates back home at the massive Tokyo Dome, where 55,000 fans will be treated to what should be an unforgettable show.