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Dan Gassner

February 26, 2016

Today marks a big moment for BABYMETAL fans around the world, because it’s a day we’ve been waiting for since the release of their first album exactly two years ago today. It’s new single day! It’s no surprise that the song debuted at number one on the Japanese metal charts, but in the 10 hours since its release in North America, it’s already climbed to number 1 on the US iTunes metal charts, and has reached 19 12 (and still climbing) on the US iTunes rock charts.

Karate is a very mature sounding song for the band known for their songs about chocolate, and waking up in the morning for school. It’s clear that BABYMETAL is ready to silence any of the doubters who still see them as a gimmick, and are ready to make a permanent and positive mark on metal history.

The full album titled Metal Resistance is available for pre-order and is set to be released April 1st, one day before their sold out performance to 16,000 screaming fans at the UK’s Wembley Arena. It’s also available to stream on Spotify, Google Play Music, and yes, even Tidal if that’s your thing.