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Sarah Nazim

December 13, 2017

1983 is a unique artistic collaboration between OSGEMEOS x JR x PHARRELL WILLIAMS. The art of OSGEMEOS has always been inspired by hip-hop. Since their childhood, the Brazilian twins have been part of the São Paulo hip-hop scene with their dreamy paintings often referencing the codes of hip-hop culture.

PHARRELL WILLIAMS is a legendary hip-hop producer, singer, rapper and writer.

JR started writing in the streets at age 13, inspired by French hip-hop culture. Together, they decided to create a colorful and unique tribute to one of their major influences.

– via Social Animals

It’s always exciting when art and music collide! The BOOMBOX sculpture which was limited to 300 pieces, has exclusive tracks pressed on vinyl records in a cassette box and 10 instant prints. These one-of-a-kind pieces are such a creative way to give fans memorabilia that can make a statement in the home or office.