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Kelly Patterson

March 28, 2016

R&B soul-stirrer Anthony Hamilton has made his fans wait four long years for his latest album What I’m Feelin’. Although he has made side appearances during that time with cameos on Nas and Rick Ross tracks, releasing a duet with Elayna Boynton on the Django Unchained soundtrack and a 2014 Christmas album; this is his first genuine soul album since Back to Love. For his latest venture he’s reconnected with producer Mark Batson who was instrumental in Hamilton’s success with his debut album Comin’ From Where I’m From and subsequent album Ain’t Nobody Worryin’. The duo decided this time not to record in Los Angles to avoid distraction and to achieve a special sound amid the solitude and tranquility of Nashville.

With What I’m Feelin’, the foundation that was laid early in his career which has sustained him as a bonafied soul singer with a raspy voice deeply-rooted in the church, has remained intact. Less frequent though are the songs about disappointment and loss which have been replaced with mostly songs regarding love and gratitude. It would seem that after almost 15 years of creating soul music, in the ever-changing R&B landscape, which is still modern and edgy, yet down-home and raw… that the exceptional crooner has much to be thankful for. Hamilton has come a long way since his stint of singing back-up with multi-talented soul singer D’Angelo. He’s forged his own path laden with vintage soul, heart and grit that would rival any current and legendary R&B singer.